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Alan Chin was born in Ogden, Utah, where he was christened, Alan Lewis Hurlburt. He was raised in San Jose, California where he enjoyed an undistinguished childhood. After graduating high school, Alan served four years in the U.S. Navy where he learned and practiced the trade of aircraft mechanic while stationed at the naval air station in Kingsville, Texas. In his four-year enlistment in the navy, Alan never set foot on a ship.

Alan attended San Francisco State University, studying the field of Data Processing. Afterwards, he enjoyed a twenty year career working his way from computer programmer, to software engineer, to network designer, and finally to manager of several software development groups.

In 1991, while still working full time, Alan went back to night school. Years later he graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BS in Economics and a Masters in Creative Writing. 

In 1999, Alan retired from his IT career to devote more time to his three hobbies: writing, traveling, and tennis. Also at that time, Alan legally changed his name to Alan Chin, so that he could share the same family name as his life partner, Herman Chin.  

Alan turned serious about his writing in 2003, and began his first novel, Island Song. He has now published nine novels, an anthology or short stories, and is currently searching for a producer to turn his three lgbt-themed screenplays into movies.

In June of 2008, Alan married Herman Chin. They were the first male/male couple married in Marin County, California.

Alan  lives and writes half of each year at his home in southern California, and he spends the other half of each year traveling the globe. 

You can learn more about Alan Chin and his writing at: http://AlanChinWriter.blogspot.com  or about his travels at his travel blog: http://HermanAndAlan.blogspot.com